What Flooring Should You Choose in Your New Home?

What Flooring Should You Choose in Your New Home?

One of the most important components of your new home is the floors you’ll walk on. From the second you open the front door, the flooring will leave a lasting impression on you and your family, as well as your guests. We’re going to take you in depth in the various flooring options available and all their pros and cons.


Often the classiest choice, hardwood floors greatly enhance your home, and with access to a variety of colors and tones can add a depth, warmth, and calming vibe to the house. Hardwood is generally easy to clean with low maintenance. It also adds value to the home and lasts for years. An often-overlooked benefit of hardwood floors is they are better for air quality in the home over other flooring options.


Vinyl is popular and versatile, offering a variety of looks and finishes. This is a great option for the garage, laundry room, and basements. While vinyl has historically made faint crinkling noises, modern vinyl pieces are quieter, adding to the look and feel of the flooring design. There are newer versions of vinyl called luxury vinyl plank or tiles (LVP, LVT) that are thicker in width to offer a better experience as well.


Similar to vinyl, laminate flooring is durable, easy to install, and can take on a variety of looks and designs. So, what makes laminate unique? Its sturdiness comes from it being made mostly of wood, compared to the flexibility and water proof nature of vinyl, which is 100% plastic. Laminate offers a truer sense of flooring quality and feel, while also offering ease of mind; it’s also an eco-friendlier alternative and emits less into the air.


Tile is a great investment for your home. Tile is strong and durable and withstands trends over time. This is a great material to use in high traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms, and can be completely water proof. Tile also is more eco-conscious, with typically the longest lifespan among your flooring options.

While all of these floors can be installed individually, vinyl and laminate are far easier and tailored to the DIY weekend warriors, and hardwood and tile flooring options look their best when professionally done or by an expert hand. Further, hardwood and tile require more materials to lay down the floor, spacing, etc. Many vinyl and laminate options come with a press on adhesive version with interlocking pieces for easy installation.

As far as price is concerned, vinyl is the most affordable option, followed by laminate, hardwood, and then tile, in general terms. However, resale value of your home can greatly be affected by the flooring options you choose, so consider that factor when making your flooring decisions.

No matter your budget, Sunrise Builders has a home in mind for you. We work closely with our buyers to custom design and plan interior options like floors and discuss all plans prior to execution. So, contact Sunrise Builders today and we’ll work together to create your dream home.

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